Propane Safety & Winter Storms

During times of inclement weather, we want you to know that Anderson Propane has all hands on deck scheduling and making deliveries as soon as it is safe to do so. It is always our top priority to be sure our customers are safe, warm, and have the propane they need. Please see below for important reminders on propane safety and information regarding fireplaces, generators, emergency calls, delivery reminders, and other critical topics.

1. Switch your fireplace to Continuous Pilot Ignition (CPI)

  • Consult your owner’s manual to ensure your fireplace is in Continuous Pilot Ignition (CPI) and NOT Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI). Making this switch will allow you to keep your fireplace on even without electricity.

2. Requesting propane delivery

  • An average fireplace (30,000 BTUs) will use 1/3 gallon of propane in 1 hour. This is roughly 8 gallons in 24 hours if run continuously. It is important that we prioritize customers most in need first and this requires us to work together as a community.
  • Before requesting a propane delivery, PLEASE check your tank level on the Anderson Propane & Oil app or MyFuelPortal (for monitored tanks). If you do not have a monitor on your tank, PLEASE read your tank gauge and report the reading to us when requesting delivery. We will still get to you, we just need to take care of those with the lowest levels first.

3. Fireplace blowers

  • Please note that your fireplace can still be used if the blower is not functioning. The heat will not circulate the room as well, however, it will still keep you warm!

4. NEVER remove the glass on your fireplace 

  • It is important that you NEVER remove the glass on a DIRECT VENT/VENTED fireplace. This is critical to note as it is very dangerous to do so.

1. Conserving propane while using a generator

  • An average generator (20-22 KW) uses 3-4 gallons of propane in 1 hour. This is close to 100 gallons per day if run continuously. We are unable to deliver propane to you every 1-2 days and stress that we must prioritize customers most in need first.
  • When using your generator, please remain extremely conservative with electricity. Tip: Unplug unnecessary appliances to conserve energy.

 2. Generator failure

  • If your generator fails, PLEASE check your propane levels before requesting delivery (Anderson Propane & Oil app, MyFuelPortal, or read the traditional gauge on your tank). Often times we see generators fail due to non-propane-related issues.

1. Requesting service

  • In times of inclement weather, we are doing everything we possibly can to answer your calls, emails, and requests. However, high call volume causes delays during stressful situations.
  • We ask that you PLEASE consider submitting simple requests through the Anderson Propane & Oil app or MyFuelPortal. This will help improve our responsiveness and we promise these submissions are not considered less important.

2. Checking tank levels

  • If you have a monitored tank, please check the level through the Anderson Propane & Oil app or MyFuelPortal before requesting delivery. For those without a tank monitor, please read your traditional tank gauge.

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1. Clear driveways, gates, and paths to tanks

  • Our delivery trucks weigh roughly 45,000 pounds and are NOT 4-wheel drive. It is critical that you please clear driveways, gates, and pathways to tanks if you are expecting a delivery. This includes moving cars if they are blocking the entry point to the tank.

2. Clear/mark the tank

  • Please remove all snow/ice/additional obstructions (toys, bikes, etc.) from the tank and uncover the dome.
  • Mark the location of your tank with a flag, pole, or stake that is higher than the average snow cover depth.

3. Ensure addresses are clearly marked

  • It is common that house addresses are not visible to our delivery drivers due to many factors. If possible, please ensure that your address is clearly visible.

1. NEVER use a stove or outdoor propane appliances indoors

  • It is critical that you do not use a stove or outdoor propane appliances for space heating indoors or in ANY enclosed area, particularly in the event of a power outage as it is EXTREMELY dangerous.

2. Check propane levels before requesting service

  • Again, we kindly ask that you PLEASE check your propane levels before requesting delivery. In events of inclement weather, many people lose power and therefore heat. It is critical that we prioritize those without warmth and work together as a community to keep each other safe.

3. Closure announcements will be posted on Google, social media, and websites

4. 24/7 Emergency Service is always available even amidst office closures

  • 540-373-9096